Detroit Beer Company, 1529 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226

Did you know you can use BEER to develop film?!? Learn how in this workshop! Each participant will receive a roll of b+w 35mm film and two cans of f/8 beer, brewed special for Darkroom Detroit. More beer will be available for purchase. Participants must be 21 or over.

Beer Processing Workshop
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We will meet at Detroit Beer Company where film will be distributed and then go on photo walk of Downtown Detroit before heading back to DBC to process the film.

Analog cameras can be provided on request free of charge. Participants will receive negative scans of their image included in the workshop price.

This class is led by Sal Rodriguez, a Detroit based freelance photographer with a passion for photography. Some of his clients include General Motors, Red Bull, Bedrock Real Estate, American Institute of Architects, Hour Magazine, WDIV Local 4. Sal also loves film photography and shooting mostly Medium Format. 

The f/8 beer was brewed by Derek Reitzel started brewing in Detroit 12 years ago and has brewed in Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, and India. He now works as the head Brewer at Detroit Beer Company in Downtown Detroit.

Image by Jon Kopacz

Image by Jon Kopacz


Meets 6-9pm August 1, 8, 15, and 22nd

at Darkroom Detroit, 676 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI

This guided 4-week course is a hands-on experience that will give you in-depth understanding of how your digital camera works and how to best use it to create beautiful imagery. The course will be based both in the classroom and out shooting, so participants should bring a digital SLR camera with manual mode, and be prepared for a moderate amount of walking outside (tripods are not required, but are suggested if you own one).

This is a great course for both beginners and those with some camera knowledge as a wide range of topics will be covered that are often overlooked, but necessary to understanding your camera fully, some of these include: manual camera functions (Shutter speed, aperture, ISO), proper exposure, how to read a histogram, white balance, focus modes, lens types and focal length, understanding JPEG VS raw files, and tips and tricks on crafting high quality imagery.

Beginning DSLR Class
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Please note that this course deals predominantly with capturing images in camera, and not post-processing using additional applications. This course is offered on a sliding scale, starting at $150.

This course is taught by Jon Kopacz, a Metro Detroit photographer and videographer who has been working in the media industry for over a decade. His clients include companies such as Pedigree, Toshiba, and General Motors. His personal projects are heavily focused on dogs, and he is currently filming a documentary series about the world of police K9s.



More coming soon…
at Darkroom Detroit, 676 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI

Have a camera but not quite sure how to use it?  Not sure what that ISO button does?  Never heard of depth of field?  This is a great chance to learn the basics of how to use your camera like a pro to make the best out of the equipment you have!  Participants can bring either digital or analog cameras, and there will also be a few extra cameras on hand if you'd like to try out different equipment.

Topics Covered:
- Aperture + Depth of Field
- Shutter Speed + Motion Blur
- ISO / Noise reduction
- Light metering
- Lens Functionality + Focal length
- RAW vs jpeg files
- White Balance

This workshop is taught by Javier Garcia of Darkroom Detroit. Cost is available on a sliding scale.



More coming soon…
at Darkroom Detroit, 676 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI

This class will cover various formats of film, processing, scanning and print making. Learn about different film formats and how to process black and white film in the darkroom.  This class will cover how to transfer your film onto reels, properly assembling tanks and reels, mixing chemistry and development procedures, safety protocols, and push/pull techniques. It will also discuss film scanning and print making.

This class is designed to observational only, so participants do not need to bring any film to participate.

This workshop is taught by Javier Garcia of Darkroom Detroit. Cost is available on a sliding scale.

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