Darkroom Detroit offers the following services with at 1 week turnaround time.
For special requests please email us.

Drop off during business hours M+Tu 4-7pm,
or you can print off our order form and drop your film through our front door mail slot outside of business hours.


35mm roll - $25
120 roll - $25
220 - $35
4x5 - $5/each

All scans provided as jpegs at approximately 1800 pixels on the longest edge. Larger scans available on request.

Scans delivered via email or web link, CD available for extra charge.

Scans are not spotted and will likely include dust. To have your files spotted, please see retouching below.


Retouching services are available at $60/hour

Facility Rental:

Darkroom: $12/hour (inclusive of Sprint Chemistry)

Digital Lab: .05 cents/sq inch DIY Printing
(inclusive of ink and Epson luster or matte paper)

View more info about our DIY options and book online here.

B+W Film Processing:

35mm - $10/roll
120 - $12/roll
220 - $18/roll
4x5 - $4/sheet

Contact Sheets:

RC Silver Gelatin 8x10” - $12/each
Digital Contact 8.5x11” - $12/each

Digital Printing:

Digital printing services are available at .10 cents/sq inch, with either Epson matte or luster paper.

Each print includes one 6” test strip if requested. Some sample pricing is listed below.

8x10” - $8
11x14” - $15
16x20” - $32
20x24” - $48
30x40” - $120
44x55” - $242