You can use the scheduler below to reserve time in the Darkroom or the Digital Printing Lab. By booking a slot you are agreeing agree to and be bound by all policies of Darkroom Detroit and facility usage (see below).

Darkroom Rental Rate: $12/hour with Sprint chemistry provided, but you are required to bring your own paper.
Digital Lab is pay by print: .05 cents/square inch which includes ink and paper.

If you have questions or are having difficulty booking online, please email us.

Darkroom Detroit Policies and Procedures

Booking: Our booking system allows you to book between 48 hours to 30 days in advance. If you need to book outside of that window you can make a special request through email. If you need to cancel your reservation, you can do so up to 48 hours in advance for a full refund, otherwise you will be responsible for paying the cost of your reservation.

Using the Space: It is assumed that by booking time you are familiar with proper use of the space you’ve reserved. Staff is only on hand to monitor the space and help troubleshoot equipment if necessary, they are not there to provide lessons or how-tos. You are expected to mix your own chemistry, set up the printer, etc. If you need a refresher or are interested in booking a tutorial, please sign up for a class or email us.

You are expected to use the facilities properly, use equipment only as it is meant to be used and for its deemed purpose, and to clean up after yourself and leave the facilities in the same or better conditions than you found them. If you do not clean up after yourself we reserve the right to charge a $20 cleaning fee. You agree to wear proper attire if necessary and to keep food and drink out of areas where it is not permitted.

Darkroom Detroit staff or volunteers reserve the right to ask you to demonstrate your knowledge to use any equipment, or require a prior class be taken to make sure you have the appropriate training. Darkroom Detroit staff or volunteers may, at any time, cancel your studio time if it becomes clear you do not know how to use, or are mistreating, the space or equipment in any way, or if you are acting in a way that is deemed unsafe or inappropriate. If this occurs you will not be refunded for the time you’ve booked.

By booking online, by email, phone, or in person, you are agreeing to use the facilities in the condition in which they exist and agree to hold Darkroom Detroit blameless for any injury or harm that may occur as a result of using the facility. You may only bring a guest with you if you sign them up as part of your reservation, and any and all guests agree to be bound to the same policies and procedures listed here. We reserve the right to ask any guests to leave if they are deemed disruptive or violating policy in any way.

Darkroom Detroit is a supportive, safe space that fosters respect between all individuals regardless of different perspectives or backgrounds, and encourages self expression in all forms. By using space at Darkroom Detroit you agree to uphold this tenet by treating others with respect, and contributing to a safe, supportive, and creative work environment.