Know Your Rights for Photography: 
Defending the First Amendment in Public Space

Friday, May 11, 5pm at Darkroom Detroit
676 E Grand Blvd, Detroit, 48207

Photographers!  Don’t take your rights for granted - learn what they are and how to assert them! 

Donation-Based Workshop

This is a free workshop, but if you are able to pay a small amount to help us keep programming affordable we would greatly appreciate it!


This 1-hour workshop with Shanna Merola will give you the confidence to make informed choices on how to interact with police and private security if you are stopped and questioned.  This workshop is free and open to the public: community members, grassroots photographers and seasoned photojournalists alike! 

Have you ever wondered: What are your rights to photograph in public space? Where and when are there restrictions? Can police delete photographs or video from my camera? Can police confi scate my camera or equipment? What are my rights to photograph or film police? What, if any, additional rights will a press pass allow?

Come meet awesome people, reclaim public space, and learn how to protect yourself and others!


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